Dreaming of cake

As a child, I was fascinated with the delicious combination of flour, sugar & butter. Perhaps it was because we didn’t eat much cake at home (baking was not a strong point in the household), that the magical world of cake and cake baking seemed so alluring.

It wasn’t until I was fourteen that I baked my first cake. It was in home economics class in high school, and it left me with my fondest memories of my schooling years. But life (the serious kind) got in the way and it would be almost a decade later before I would revisit dreams of cakes, fluffy frostings & smiles of blissful, sugary happiness.


Dream on a back burner

After university and a short stint in Hong Kong as a chemical engineer, I returned to Melbourne determined to make my childhood cake shop dream a reality. I completed a year at William Angliss Institute, honing some patisserie basics. 

Over the years, I’d spent (my non-desk job) hours creating baked treats for a friend’s cafe, birthday cakes and macaron towers. After many late nights, I decided to take my engineering skills in another direction - creating glorious, multi-tiered cake creations.

Tugey Wood 4.png


Sweet happiness

In 2012, I finally lifted the curtain on my café & cake studio Alice Nivens. Named after Alice and the rabbit (Nivens) in Alice in Wonderland, it was a little haven for those seeking sugary, buttery solace. Here, I created and baked to my whim & the seasons - cake pops adorned with tiny hearts and stars, scrumptious brownies, muffins brimming with juicy fruit, and my crowning glory: multi-tiered cakes adorned with hand-painted icing, tiny meringues and flecks of gold and silver.


Crowning glory

My childhood dream did not go unnoticed. I was crowned one of Melbourne’s Best New Cafes, featured on Channel 9’s Postcards (demonstrating how to make a cake), and recently, embarked on an ongoing collaboration with my dream partner in crime, William Sonoma!

I’ve baked many a cake for a bride and groom’s special day, baby reveal and birthdays, and nothing makes me happier than creating a bespoke cake for each of these happy occasions.


New Beginnings

Unfortunately, the café studio was forced to close due to the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.

Which brings me to this: Alice Nivens Cakery & Studio, the continuation of what the café studio started. Where you & I create the cake that you have dreamed about for your special occasion.

I can’t wait to create something special for you xo